Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for HD-Space Invite - Torrent Tracker HD Space at the best online prices at eBay! ; Advanced verification system (button . -5. From sending thankyou/greet message to assigning auto roles on server boost.. . Access to extra invite commands: See which users have been invited by who. Check the bots response time to discord. Invite Tracker is a powerful Discord bot which offers many features such as invite tracking, advanced verification system, giveaways, messages tracking and more.. Take a look at our advanced web dashboard here!. . You can easily add reward roles when a user reach a specific amount of invites. Use <mention> as a placeholder for the users ping, <name> for only the name, <level> for the level digit, <servername> for the name of your server and <rolename> for the name of the role. /shopping. A list of every command that Erisly has! +leaderboard Show the server leaderboard. . set (guild. . !clear [ 1 -1000] - to delete X number of messages. Description. map ((invite) => [invite. List all available modules. Invite command +invites (@user) Show your invites or the invites of the mentionned member. Invite Tracker Support. Commands. To change the number range, simply set the number next to the * for the max number and the number by the + to the minmum. Variables are replaced with the correct information in join messages. Set bot command: This sets the channel that is used to restrict commands . Using a for loop, it adds the amount of invites the user has until the invites the user has matches it. /jump self: You try to jump over yourself and land . I use my powers and talents to play as a "Discord Bot", where I provide you some quality features and commands for your Discord Server! id, new Collection (firstInvites. Just change the command name and add $(touser) has a SYNTAX inch pp. Subtract 1 from the counter: !icecream -. Galaxies. Legendary Item Reward Tracker. delete user: Drop the user from your friend list. Filters. . /menu Opens the PokGear. Invite Discord Commands Suggest One discord bot to replace a ton. I hope, that I havent forget a single one, if I have please tell me. guilds. logs-channel: Channel ID of your log channel. Note that the F5 for Nexus hot key cannot be changed, nor can mouse controls (excepting the toggle for CTRL + Left Click in the Hot Keys menu).. Invite command +invites (@user) Show your invites or the invites of the mentionned member. Easy configuration for the leave messages. A shorter alias for this command is /gu. If you want to add examples or improve this documentation in general, feel free to make a pull request on GitHub as noted here. Invite Tracker. 26. ar!server set roleDeassignMessage [ text ] Ex. The bot comes with many features such as vote tracking, creating custom vote log messages, viewing the top voters leaderboard, assign roles to be given out and/or removed once members . whois user: Ask Twitter to return a quick info about the given user. Mouse Controls. Commands This is a list of commands you can use. The bot currently allows you to see the current shop rotation as an image or set a channel the shop image should be posted to at reset - midnight UTC. Click on a category to view the command list: Category. 7. Features. /party kick <name> Kick a palyer from your party. uses])));});}); Invite Commands A command for everything. Redis and mongo can be ignored depending on where you are in the series. One of the few bots to track 1-use invites. Free. Create commands that automatically give and remove roles and send messages in the current channels or in user's DM. Erisly's Statistics. Select the flaming skull icon and drag onto your shortcuts bar. This allows our bot to detect fake invites and see who is trying to cheat the invite . Take to mind where all the different variables are usable. To get started, just run the !setup command on your server. This page is a list of all commands, subcommands, and valid arguments that Avrae can parse. Discord Command Slash Command Toggle a message that refreshes every 15 minutes, can be used for traffic, server, or event. var userInviteCount = 0; for (var i=0; i < userInvites.length; i++) { var invite = userInvites [i]; userInviteCount += invite ['uses']; } Then it adds the amount of uses to the userInviteCount statement which will be 0 if there is no invite .

This feature would really help rid servers . General. Left Click: Shoot / Interact / Move Item (via drag & drop); Right Click: Open Player Menu (when in chat) Connect Let Maki connect to a voice channel. Shows help general embed / provided command's info (ex: bb help ping) invite: bb invite . This is the website for the Friendlybot, the Achievement Tracker, RuneScape-related guides and posts! It also has a dashboard to make the config easier. /areatrack - Gives the Ranger the ability to track animals through the area track command. Dyno offers a powerful community bot and a place to advertise your server, easy and free. Command. Photo card. Here is a list of the most used admin commands in Roblox: ;stun - Stuns the selected player. roleX-id: id of role X that is being tracked. All commands in this category should be used along with the /guild command. +ping Show the ManageInvite's ping . This is a detailed list of the bot's commands. on Kick User from Chat. This command will enable the the meeting attendance download.

You can use the sidebar on your left (click the hamburger icon if you're on mobile) to quickly jump to a command. Description /addbonus <@user> <amount> Adds the specified amount of bonus invites to the specified member /removebonus <@user> <amount> I tried to list all available commands for normal players up, so no staff commands. vt!reminder <on | off> [guild ID] to toggle DM reminders in a guild. Invite Commands Suggestions Ask for Help Donate . /ooc <text>. Manage the roles of a user. Change the bot's prefix. Invitation maker. Easy configuration for the join messages.

Invite Tracker. A bot dependable to manage events and invites. Easy configuration for the leave messages. Get the current prefix of your server or set a new one. The List Command relates to a small few highly contested NPCs that drop "legacy" items that will be removed during the course of Green server. invite email/number: Send a twitter invite to a friend's mail or phone. A relatively frequent thing people would love to know, is "what invite someone used to join". Nearly all key and mouse commands can be remapped to the player's preference in the "Options/Key mapping" panel. Catch SHINY & LEGENDARY Pokmon, Trade with friends, Level up & Evolve Pokemon, complete Quests, hatch Eggs, Highscores & more in PokeMeow! It allows users to track votes for their server or bot on large server/bot listing sites , notably the well known listing site. Enable or disable a module. For full Macro API help . +membercount Show members stats. Give a track argument to skip to the page it is on, you can use first, last and current as arguments. User Info - Displays info about a user. +botinfos Show informations about ManageInvite.

Useful to control spam. . ; Advanced verification system (button . Always ad-free. Invite Tracker is a powerful Discord bot which offers many features such as invite tracking, giveaways, messages tracking and much more. Uptime - Shows for how long bot was online. If you need help with anything then feel free to ask in the Worn Off Keys Discord server: Name of guild will auto-populate when this is typed) /guild2 or /g2 - A list of all the slash commands that activate the /guild2 slash command. vt!votes <user> to view someone's votes. . . Description. List the users in pages of 10 users per page, which then can be flipped, sorting by who joined first as a descending list. Discord Commands: %stats (@mention) - shows stats of yourself or of the user provided if mention. include 3 command function together which is /noctrl + /showname + /skillfail. 3 years ago. Unrestricted command: This command restricts what the restrict command does. Type e!help to find out the commands. Controls. Invite LoggerBot! Currently watching over 17000 guilds with a total of over 5,100,000 . %lb - shows leaderboard based on invite points. /invites @user. Set the log channel for all or certain events. 1. Features. Displays a list of commonly used chat commands. Change the bot nickname. Commands. All commands are prefaced by '/'. dance_hobbit3 - This causes you to dance the third Hobbit dance. It also has moderation commands, and more. /jump - /jump: BOIING!! The explanation for all the management commands available for Invite Tracker. PokMeow is a fun and addicting bot that you can play with your friends! Enable list command: This command shows all the disabled and enabled commands in a list. A invite manager that has built-in logging system with it. Discord Utility bot. /assist. Add the new InviteLogger to your server! Stop updates from the user (but leave her in your friend list). vt!leaderboard <page> to view the leaderboard of top voters. >invite. Non-exhaustive list: Automatic invitation counting; Addition (or removal) of role based on user invitations; False account detector (too recent) Advanced leaderboard; Support for translations (illimited languages) Completely customizable directly on Discord; Manages an unlimited number of Discord servers (multi-servers) See the full commands list guild-id: ID of the server you are running it in. InviteManagement. Command which allow you to reward you users from their invites. Trucky Discord server invite and issue tracker..invite /invite: Displays the invite link of the bot, to invite it to your Runs a connection test to Discord and Trucky. A full list of all commands Maki has. (private bot instance only) Config . DreamPhreak. cache. off : Turn off all messages to you. Free shipping for many products! InviteManager is a powerful bot which will manage your discord server's invites! Get information on a certain log (see who enabled it etc). Change the color of a role. Commands you can use to control the premium music feature. Our bot also analyses who was invited by whom. /list List the players online. Invite Tracker is offering you the following features: Tracks who invited whom to your server. These are commands that control messages in the Discord server. In the future we hope expand functionality to automatically post messages when new news is published. 19. Invite Tracker allows you to manage the members of your server by looking at their invites. Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity "Global" -AllowEngagementReport Enabled. My commands include NSFW commands, a global economy and idle game, cleverbot, various Discord lookup commands for members, invites and servers, lookup . . Features and functions. This is used for the popular PP command with 0 and 15 or so LOL. Invite Management.

The Vote Tracker bot is a sophisticated vote tracking and logging system. It's code is 100% custom and is not a self-hosted version of Invite Manager (contrary to InviteLogger Classic). /sit. ; removelimbs - Removes the limbs of the selected player .

InviteManager is a Discord bot to track your server invites. Do Not . We need to wait a spell. Previous. . You can also add + or -with a following number after the arguments to get a relative track! Shows a leaderboard (XP-wise) with your guild, 5 guilds above yours, and 4 guilds below yours. In this video we go over how to create an invite tracking system. Invite Tracker. The first one just off the top of my head is Dyno Bot's "Tags", but I'm sure there are many others. 1. Star Wars Galaxies Command List (ground) Note: This is a mix of NGE and pre-NGE commands. . The streamer will name the counter and you will use that to keep track. Very unfortunately, the developers went inactive and we were unable to transfer the ownership to the active moderators.

IMPORTANT Due to the way Discord handles invites, the bot will only start tracking invites once it is added to a server. +add Show the INVITE checker's invite link. Leaves all currently joined chat channel.

All commands are called by starting a message with the message prefix (default !, but can be configured), followed by the command name. It allows you to manage members of your guild by looking at their invites. You can design your own welcome card or keep it simple. Invite Tracker is a powerful Discord bot that offers countless amounts of features such as invite and message tracking, giveaways and just so much more. /join - Accepts an invitation to join a group or band. Infos commands +help Show the list of the commands. This will return a number between 1 and 100. Moderation commands. The InviteManagement bot does exactly what it says on the tin! On Off. N/A: Single Any-Sided Dice Command!dice roleX-pts: points that role X gives to the inviter. Get-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity "Global". /Opadd. /tell (Cross-Server) In addition to its classic usage, the /tell command can also be used to make cross-server tells, by prepending the server name and a . InviteManagement allows you to track invites within your guild. 3,986 Online Infos commands +help Show the list of the commands. (Second guild in the user's guild list. It is also capable of welcoming new users to your server with a fully customisable join message feature.

This list describes all of the 'slash' commands as recognized by World of Warcraft. : ar!server set roleDeassignMessage The role <rolename> has been taken away from you. Invite to your server Discord Bot. Displays an invite link for Erisly to invite her to other servers. This can be a powerful feature to help grow your Discord with referral contests. Build a . You can easily add reward roles when a user reach a specific amount of invites. invite logger invite tracker giveaway, mee6 moderation, invite manager, poll. Commands: Info. Track RSVPs on the go with the app. Here i have created a quick Macro to assist my target, "Cast Shadow Word: Pain" and then start melee attack ready for then my target approaches me and gets into range. vt!reminder list to list all the reminders you have enabled across all servers. /level Displays the trainer level. Sending it twice will even silence direct messages. Booster Bot can manage, track & log the server boosts events for you in your server. After running this command, we can see that the "AllowEngagementReport" property which enables/disables the meeting attendance download is disabled. It has powerful giveaway, drop, simon says feature to power events in your server. Invites +add-invites +reset-invites +invites +delete-invite. Lockdown a specific channel (Prevents anyone without special roles from sending messages) !lockdown [-t value|--timeout=value][channel] mute . invite-- usage: /finvite < player > alternative: /invite < player > kinship-- usage: . /showname. Kick a member from the server. Toggles whether a role is mentionable or not. This bot has slash commands to provide a better user experience, just type / and you can see all slash commands. Help - This lists all the commands you can use. Message Commands. Rewarding . Enables you to open a shop with a single left-click and close your shop with a single right-click. /party invite Invite a player to your party. See slash commands (old) and list of slash commands (old) for the older lists. Email your invite to your guest list with RSVP tracking and follow-up tools. /msg <name> Send a private message to a player. Invite Info - It gives info about a invite code. Invites. /findlink [mobile_mode: <True|False>] Displays the invite link you own which is located the highest in the guild settings. . InviteLogger is a discord bot that tracks every invites from your discord server. Administration. Features and functions. We are always trying to provide you a 99.99% bot availibility, without any lags to ensure you the best experience while using Invite Tracker. While our bot is on your server, we track every invite that happens on your server. This is a reference for the WoW defined slash commands available for use in the WoW chat window, and as WoW macro commands in a macro. Variables. 25. Using a simple cache to track invites and know which invite was used when a new member joins a guild. 1. Galaxies. /invite Invites Get info about all invites a user made. +ping Show the invite checker's ping. Tracking Used Invites. The way I imagine this to function would be that people with the permission may go into the instant invites page, then click on the invite that they wish to see who joined from it. Hi! We are one of the most complete bot with such features and . +leaderboard Show the server leaderboard. Sends the given text to the Out-Of-Character (OOC) channel. There are bots that let you make custom commands like that. +support Join the support . . Unfortunately, the Discord API does not provide the information about the invite used to join a server. Vote Tracker v0.5.3 Commands: User Commands: vt!vote get the server's vote link. /guild1 or /g1 - A list of all the slash commands that activate the /guild1 slash command. Remove Invites - Remove invites of a user. Commands. You can use variables when making a join, joinDM or Leave message. You can get more info about a specific command by using +help. Display all commands. You can find more here. Mute a user.

forEach (async (guild) => {// Fetch all Guild Invites const firstInvites = await guild. The following is a list of commands that can be used in game. /hub Will send the player back to the hub. When a specified channel number/name is given it lists all members currently in that channel. You can see more with +help. 2. Protect your server from raids, set up custom word triggers, roll dice, look up anime and check cryptocurrency charts. await wait (1000); // Loop over all the guilds client. InviteLogger is a discord bot that tracks every invites from your discord server. Allows you to enable or disable commands for the admin roles.-admincommand show shows you all the available and enabled commands. >stats. Accepts the invite and join the provided guild. !slow-mode - enables slow mode with the set time. . MEE6 gives you full control to create the command of your dreams! It's code is 100% custom and is not a self-hosted version of Invite Manager (contrary to InviteLogger Classic). It also has some utility commands and fun commands And more! Riks invited you to join. With the "" command you can see all the available configuration. Also consider looking up tutorials on how to make your own bot and you might get a bonus of learning a new skill for yourself. My name is Erisly, your friendly neighbourhood goddess! The prefix used here is m!. Easily create your own custom commands. Catch Pokmon and show off your Shinies and Legendaries (if you're lucky!). Posts various statistics about Erisly. Commands by Category expand_more. /party leave Leave a [[[party]]. /invitedlist <@user|@role|invite code>. Get a list of the full queue, not to be confused with the upcoming command which will only show all the tracks after the current one. Displays information about this command, Ignored persons cannot invite you to their party/guild and you won't see their private/party/guild messages /ignore help ; =/ignore /ignore add . Clears all log configurations. !mute [-d value|--duration=value] \ [reason] punishmentConfig . Moderation, games, leveling, utility. +stats Show a graph with the server joins. To allowing boosters to maintain their own personal role (only name and color) . Perform an emote with the given text. /ping .

Sigma. This is a new version of the official InviteManager bot. Kicks a user from a user-created chat channel. Custom Project 1999 Commands /list . Invite Management. Toggles command usage for a user. code, invite. Here's how you would keep track of a counter with the command !icecream.

(First guild in the user's guild list.

Commands View Add Bot Upvote. Character name display in a diffrent font. It can signify someone from your past coming back in to your life. See useful macros and user defined macros for other commands and macros. Logs whenever a channel is created. There are also some other features implemented such as a userinformation command that shows up all information of a user, including who invited them, roleinformation, tictactoe, among other very useful and fun commands! Sit (if you are sitting, you will stand instead) /skillfail. InviteLogger is and will remain stable. Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List. /invites reset - Resets . Check out the link below if you're interested in using the Friendlybot, it has various administrative features and RuneScape-related commands, like hosting groups for bosses. Restrict command: This command pings the user whenever the command is used externally in the bot channel. /startattack.

!kick \ [reason] lockdown . You now have 3 actions on one click. Admin . Easy to Use The bot configuration is explained in our documentation and we also made an understandable and easy-to-use web dashboard just for you. A list showing who was invited by a specific user or invite code. You jump high in the air! Admincommand Set: followed by a command, sets the command as the only one the admin role can use.-admincommand set purge: Admincommand Add: followed by a command, adds that command to the list of commands the admin . Get info on LoggerBot. Besides that, it has also many more features, such as moderation. . /emote /em /e /me. Shows a list of commands. Browse thousands of invitation templates that you can customize and send in a flash. Invite Tracker is offering you the following features: Tracks who invited whom to your server. 534,695 Moderation Multipurpose Track people's invites & messages Verification System Giveaway Bot & Requirements Customizable Free & 24/7 Online Invite Logger. In a general context, the Three of Cups Tarot card is the Minor Arcana card of reunion or celebration. ;unstun - Unstuns the selected player. invites. Add the new InviteLogger to your server!

Bonus Invites. Start welcoming users. Add Invites - Add invites of a user. /list [channel] Without any channel this command lists all currently joined chat channels. Click Achievements in the Navigation bar to look up your saved . Command. fetch (); // Set the key as Guild ID, and create a map which has the invite code, and the number of uses invites. InviteManager is a powerful bot which will manage your discord server's invites! Commands - InviteLogger. +botinfos Show informations about Invite checker. InviteLogger is and will remain stable. Commands which allow you to setup the bot. /invitecodes [@user] Displays all of your, or the specified member's, invite codes. It also has a dashboard to make the config easier. Cards Stationery inspired Flyer First 50 invites free! Keybindings can be changed in the options menu.. Avrae's command system is split into distinct modules. /ckick. List all moderators and moderator roles. This is a list of default controls and chat commands. Add 5 (or any other amount) to the counter: !icecream 5. /List. She's got a large assortment of commands for you to use, such as cleverbot, a global economy, NSFW commands, meme generators, and so much more! Emote. /cast Shadow Word: Pain. /Ooc. Easy configuration for the join messages. Add 1 to the counter: !icecream +. Invite Tracker is a powerful Discord bot which offers many features such as invite tracking, advanced verification system, giveaways, messages tracking and more.. Take a look at our advanced web dashboard here!. Leave your current guild at the cost of 3 soul points. Join Main Server (Updated ) - Thanks for your Love & Support Discord Server - - https. Discord only shows you who has how many invites. Invite Commands /settings- Lists settings for the bot /invites leaderboard- Lists the top inviters of the server /invites view - Lists the number of invites of given user. So, if time is set to 10 seconds, users will have to wait for 10 seconds before sending another message. Get information about a Discord invite. Music Commands.